All new parts are guaranteed to be first quality products. Arma Speed USA offers an ONE YEAR limited warranty.

- This warranty is extended to all Arma Speed USA's Authorized Dealer network for the original purchaser only.

- This warranty begins from the date the original purchaser received the product. 

- This warranty does not cover any damage from abuse, misuse from original intent or application of product, or accident. 

- This warranty does not cover damage to surface finish due to the usage of harsh chemicals/cleaners, abrasions due to improper cleaning, road debris, normal wear and tear, neglect.

- This warranty does not cover parts that have become defective due to faulty installation or if they have been abused in any way.

We require all Arma Speed products be installed by a certified technician. Do it Yourself installations are not recommended. All warranties and or guarantees are voided if products have not been installed properly by a qualified licensed auto mechanic experienced in the installation of the product(s). There is no warranty, expressed or implied for any parts (including new parts) or work used for competition, or track driving school events. We reserve the right to withhold shipping a replacement part until the defective part has been examined and tested. Speedwell Industries is not responsible for shipping costs on items returned under this Limited Warranty. Speedwell Industries is not responsible for labor charges due to incorrect installation or faulty or defective parts. Installation, labor, and storage charges are not products of Speedwell Industries and will not be reimbursed for any reason. Please inspect items carefully to ensure they are the correct item before installation! Thank you.


Customer assumes all liability and risk arising from the ordering, purchase, use or installation of new and used parts that are purchased from or installed by Speedwell Industries. Speedwell Industries shall not be liable for any damages to any person or property arising out of or in connection with the use or installation of any parts that it sells or installs including, but not limited to, high-performance products, engine chips, springs, sway bars, exhausts or turbochargers. Customer agrees to indemnify Speedwell Industries and it's owners from any and all claims (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with the use or installation of the product(s) it purchased from Speedwell Industries. Speedwell Industries is not responsible for any damages or claims arising out of a delay in the processing or shipment of any order. By purchasing products from Speedwell Industries, Customer is acknowledging that it agrees to accept this Limitation of Liability.