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About Us

“Performance Everyday!!” That’s the motivating slogan and creed that ARMA adheres to. As advances in automotive technology are rapidly changing the landscape of the industry, the pursuit of precision performance parts needs to be one step ahead.

ARMA, began as a lifelong dream born out of the enthusiasm and energy of its founder, the relentlessness to deliver a high quality part has been the only objective. Now with branches that reach out to other parts of the world, such as Japan, Shanghai and Singapore, the ambition of ARMA has finally landed in the United States.

ARMAspeed USA, is proud to be the extension of this dream. We strive to deliver their message and uphold the value of that has been the staple of their journey. Precision, performance, passion – ARMA’s carbon process, meticulous attention to detail and extensive R&D testing, ensures that all performance intake systems not only meet but also exceed your highest expectations. This is what sets ARMA apart.


Key Features: 

  1. ARMA intake utilizes unique vacuum process, smooth surface and clear carbon fiber pattern inside out.
  2. Carbon fiber air box isolates intake air from heat of the engine bay.
  3. Air duct design; dissipate excessive hot air in air box and helps regulate temperature in engine compartment.
  4. Break-through carbon fiber pipe manufacturing process, production of irregular shape pipes.
  5. Direct bolt on design, no modification needed.
  6. Each air box is tailor-made to maximize usage of engine compartment space whilst aesthetically enhancing the engine bay.
  7. Unique Air-flow guide design to minimize turbulence in air box.
  8. Direct air intake increases air density, accelerate air-flow and rapidly feed the air into the induction manifold.
  9. No remapping of ECU/DME needed. As induction manifold isn’t changed, A/F oxygen sensor can quickly adapt to new supply curve.
  10. Each application is dyno-tested and proven gains of an average power increase by 5%~15%.
  11. German patented filter with valve, improves loss of torque at low rpm’s due to change in filter. Stainless steel filter is easy to clean and reusable. *Variable air valve system.
  12. Wi-Fi and smartphone APP connectivity and capability for specific applications.